Hand Balancing for Newbies

Building Forward Momentum

Different people set different goals for themselves. Some set broader goals and some set very specific goals like... The perfect wheel, handstand, press handstand, crow pose, to name a few. When left to your own devices, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the process -OR- to not have a process at all.

Typical training looks something like this: Learning wheel: Try wheel 5 - 10 times a day for a week or two, cannot make progress straightening the arms, give up. Learning handstand: Jump up to handstand 10 times a day for about a week, cannot balance in the middle of the room, give up. Learning press handstand: Try to shift forward and lift 3-4 times, decide you do not have the "body type" for pressing, give up.

I talk a lot about the "right" way to do something and the "wrong" way to do something, and I might make it seem like the doing the "wrong" thing is a complete waste of time. It's actually not...

And I don't want to discourage you from trying. Doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing. Even if you're doing the "wrong" thing, you progress forward. If you do the "wrong" thing, it nets you a learning opportunity. The beauty of it is every time you make a "wrong" decision, you get a little bit wiser, and your probability of making the "right" decision gets higher and higher. In the long run, every decision you make gets you one step closer to your goal. A "right" decision might move you forward 5 steps, a "wrong" decision will move you forward one.

That's an advantage of having a coach; they save you time and streamline the process for you by ensuring you always make the "5 steps forward" choice. If you want to learn the perfect wheel, handstand, or press handstand you should not be discouraged if you do not exactly know how to go about it. Just trying something is a baby step forward... And if you are in that boat, start small, and start by building fundamentals (you can never go wrong here).

For example, if you asked me for blind advice getting started and I knew nothing about you, I'd tell you to do something like this:
Something like this covers arm strength, core strength, leg mobility and shoulder mobility and it would take you, what... like, 15 minutes a day? This builds momentum. As you get in the swing of things, it will reveal of what you need more and of what yo need less to hit your goal.I  don't just apply this process to my own training, but I apply it to the rest of my life... whether it's building The Asana Academy or training yoga teachers. For example, if you want to improve your teaching, don't just tell yourself "I suck, I need to be better. Ask "What is it I need to improve?" Some of those things can be:
Once you discover it, take baby steps to improve... and you'll improve. Check out 1YT, a community of yoga teachers all working on improving their skills... and members have the added benefit of talking directly to me. Baby steps combined with action build forward momentum.

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