Listening with Jamie Kelly

Join Jamie throughout the week for Power Flow!

What you'll find on my playlists

My playlists are a fun combo of Indian music with great beats, pop songs your hearing on the radio and even hip hop songs covered as slow jams for savasana... Always something to inspire movement and help quiet the mind!

Jamie KellyWhat I'm reading

I'm not reading anything at the moment except for tons of Health IT articles to stay on top of trends, changes and news within the industry I work... Always open to suggestions for a good "beach" read though!

What I'm doing outside of fitness classes right now and what I'm learning

I work in Health IT for a company called NDSC, and I'm learning how best to support physicians and health systems in their clinical decision making through our integrated platforms. Our goal is to provide the guidance that will reduce wasteful testing and unnecessary spending without disrupting a physicians workflow.

What I'm focusing on in my practice and what I'm learning

I'm coming off of a couple of injuries (knee and wrist) that have limited my opportunity to practice (and certainly to deepen my practice), so right now I'm focusing on listening to my body, being patient with my limits and appreciating the ability to move and breathe in any capacity.

A purchase I'm enjoying and for which I'm grateful

My husband bought me a Google Home the day I accepted the offer at my new job, and it has been so fun! I love coming down in the morning and asking Google to tell me the weather, recap my schedule for the day and then play music to wake me up while I brew my coffee. It's turned into my new wake up ritual!

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