Natural Movement with Megan Zirkelbach

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What you'll find on my playlists

Well, my favorite music ever is instrumental with grounding drums and didgeridoo; a deep heart beating bass sound that can connect everyone. So, I always try to and start and end class with something of that nature to reconnect with vibration. The in-between is always a surprise... I like exploring new artists... generally stick with something that has a rhythm making you want to dance off your mat! Ha!

Megan ZirkelbachWhat I'm reading

I am not reading any books right now, but I can’t stop reading articles and watching tutorial videos on natural moment, and how in present culture we need to allow our bodies to just move... movement is life! We are allowing ourselves to live in a world of “instant gratification” and not put in the work.... and (hem) expect results... the movement part is simple; it’s the showing up is the challenge. We need to slow down and listen to our bodies and let go of this perceived vision we give ourselves to be... instead, start to recognize that the world is evolving and so our are bodies. We need to take the time to let our bodies move from a space of intelligence and grace, knowing we are all moving differently because we are all truly unique. This practice leads us to self awareness, acceptance, contentment, and most importantly, growth!

What I'm doing outside of fitness classes right now and what I'm learning

I am just being a mom to my awesome daughter, Nova, who was the one who unintentionally brought me to yoga! Thank you Nova!  Plans continue to feed my mind with more and more knowledge in regards to our evolving human form.

What I'm focusing on in my practice and what I'm learning

In practice, I'm bringing myself back to the basics; relearning my body by slowing down. I am introducing more strength training to deepening yoga practice as well.

A purchase I'm enjoying and for which I'm grateful

I got an Apple Watch, and I can now adjust my music in class from my wrist. Plus, I always lose my phone and now, I can keep it safely locked in my purse and still connect with messages and whatnot. I’m not one for electronics but I love my decision to move forward in the electronic fad! 

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