The Evolution of Practice

Where Yoga Led Me

Escape to Presence

Kavita practiceYoga started out as a distraction.  An escape.  From life, from pain.  Yoga became a place to put that pain, when I was ready to acknowledge that it existed.  Slowly, yoga became a tool to channel that pain.  And trade it for something better. I once heard yoga described as moving prayer. Prayer?  I wasn't raised with religion.  I am a trained scientist and attorney.  I have no use for data that I cannot verify.  Yoga changed that.  It taught me to believe in something greater.  To trust.  To accept.  Without the need for a receipt. 

Yoga isn't about the pose.  Egos are not valued here.  So do yourself a favor and check those at the studio door.  Effort, intention, honesty - that is yoga.  For me, yoga has much less to do with the way my body moves than the way my spirit does.  My body doesn't need yoga, but my mind desperately does.  I don't care if I'm sore of if I can't do another chatarunga today; no one else does either.  We only care that I am there.  I almost never have a clear mind in savasana.  I'm daydreaming, or committing the cardinal sin of worrying about the next thing.  Again, that doesn't matter.  What matters is that I am leaving studio in a better place than when I came in.  To me, now, yoga is pure, unadulterated self-love.  In that space, I have everything I need.  I am enough.  For the first time in my life, here, I am good enough. 

About Kavita Battula

An attorney and scientist, Kavita recently dove deeper into the yoga practice in completing her 200 hour teacher training at Body Mind & Core. A committed student and a growing teacher, Kavita joined the BMC tribe in late Spring of 2016 as an instructor for pilates and TRX, modalities she previously studied. In igniting this community's blog, BMC is happy to highlight the journey of this woman as she continues to explore her ever-expanding practice on and off the mat.


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