The Secret of Great Golfers

How to Improve Your Game

"The golf swing requires a robust core, flexibility, and strength. Pilates delivers in developing the body where other forms of exercise cannot. A weekly Pilates regimen will not only improve your game, but reduce the chance of injury and pain," says BMC Pilates instructor and avid golfer, Tammy Wiggins.

Pilates often endures a stigma as a "women-only" form of exercise, but when it comes to the mobility of the mid-back, Reformer practices are far from gender-exclusive. During games of golf, the body is sustaining over-extension to parts of the spine and shoulders. By strengthening the core and simultaneously providing more space to the vertebrae, Pilates prepares you for a go on the greens so you can improve your game rather than harbor a consistent injury.

Moreover, do you already have the injury? No problem. Using the supportive carriages on the Reformer, you can relieve muscle tension, tweaks in the low back, and recalibrate, so you're ready for your next outing.

This is no new technique on the course. Over a decade ago, PGA let us know what some of the best in the sport were up to. As more and more science emerges outlining the benefits for both game improvement and injury repair, we are so excited to be offering at BMC an entire comprehensive Pilates program, wherein you can choose from Private Sessions, group classes, packages that include yoga as well, and more. See you soon!


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