Yoga on the Brain: Our Mental Health On and Off the Mat

In Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

May is #mentalhealthawarenessmonth which brings to the forefront for us here at BMC how we are taking care of our mental health on and off the mat. As schedules build up, obligations take over, and our fatigue level ever-increases, we let out self care take a back seat. However, did you know that research not only shows self care benefits the people participating but those around them? Studies across many disciplines show that yoga can support those experiencing depression, anxiety, lack of focus and/or memory, and problem solving. When we take care of our mental health, we are more productive, happy, helpful, and creative.

It's not about giving ourselves "one more thing to do"... it's about prioritizing love for ourselves and one another. The world will always have some chaos, right? So, why not ensure we take care in the ways we can?

Natalie TTHow is it that one gets started?
  1. Join us for a restorative practice on Sundays at 4:30p and Fridays at 6:00p to begin learning about slow movement, meditation, and breathing techniques that balance the nervous system, recalibrate brain messaging, and release muscle tension.
  2. Invest in a private session with your teacher to address your personal questions, concerns, and ideas for your practice and how we can best work together to heal, strengthen, and bring more peace to life.
  3. Meet your yoga community before classes, after practice, and at year-round workshops and events. We are not alone and getting to know our neighbors is only for the better!


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