Class Descriptions

Note that all of our classes are open to all levels. Choose what feels right for you each day. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Yoga Program

Power Flow (Heated)

Our recipe for joy! Connecting together breath and movement, Power Flow is a dynamic practice building on sequences that emphasize alignment and fluency to refresh your system and immerse you in the rhythms of your body and spirit. Developing strength, balance, and harmony, Power Flow is energetic and resonant of our innate ability to move forward and creatively tour our lives. This class is heated to 95 - 100 degrees, though because of the studio's incredible ventilation, the room will feel 10 - 15 degrees lower in temperature.

Deep Flow (Heated)

Deep Flow is a pulsation of flowing movement, woven together with rich imagery and breath manipulation to help you integrate your body, mind, and heart. In these classes, you will empower and expand your yoga practice by refining the poses you know while working toward more challenging yoga poses in a supported environment. Classes include centering, flowing sequences, working toward a pinnacle pose(s), cool down, and savasana. Adjustments, demonstrations, and/or partner work may be offered to help expand your understanding of the poses. This class is heated to 80 degrees.

Chill Flow (Non-heated)

Chill flow begins in centering followed by deliberate sequencing of flow and alignment yoga, regulating mood, body, and breath; a perfect complement to refine the asana practice. The class then shifts into balancing the practice with pranayama (breathing practices), restorative yoga (poses near the ground held in a supportive way using props), visualization, meditation, and deep savasana. Calibrate your system in this intimate class designed to offer clarity, vitality, and exploration into the architecture and intricacies of the yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga (Non-heated)

Restorative yoga promotes a healthy spine, increases body awareness, and gently activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest/digest state). This rejuvenating practice consists of long, nurturing postures with the support of bolsters and props. Each class will explore natural breathing pranayama and may include meditation, mudra, and hands-on adjustments.

Yoga 101 (Non-Heated)

Learn the fundamentals of the flow class, exploring the form of postures and the influence of the breath. Collect a solid understanding of how your particular body aligns in the yoga practice. In a comfortable, non-judgemental class setting with other students seeking to refine their experience of yoga- who also might not know the difference between "downward-facing dog" and "upward-facing dog"- students will discover how to modify poses with props and how to safely move through the yoga flow. Meditation techniques will also be introduced.

Prenatal Yoga (Non-Heated)

Our prenatal class is designed to meet all the changes that women experience through the stages of pregnancy. We will explore breathing techniques, lots of juicy hip openers and strengthening the body for birth. This class is designed for women prenatal, postnatal, those participating in fertility treatments, and those seeking to better understand their body. Our student, Maria H, says "thanks to yoga at Body Mind & Core (and hypnosis), my labor was extremely quick (had the baby 2 hours after my water broke), and I was able to have the baby naturally. During labor, I naturally used yoga poses, so I'm so glad to have practiced during this pregnancy."

Kids Yoga (Non-Heated)

Our kid’s yoga classes will incorporate a wide range of sensory experiences, including songs, dancing, art, storytelling, uplifting music, creative movement, breathing exercises, visualization, affirmations, and of course yoga poses. Classes will teach kids that yoga is a gift of mindfulness and it can help bring active minds into union with active bodies. Classes give kids the tools they need to 
manage their physical (body), mental (mind) and emotional (spirit). Kids yoga will encourage children to find the wisdom within 
themselves to reconnect with their bodies and feel empowered and confident while unwinding and slowing down. Ages 4 - 10 yrs. 

Transcendental Breathwork (Non-Heated)

Transformational Breathwork puts you in the drivers seat of your non-ordinary experience. Through the tool of your expansive breath you can access the deepest parts of SELF, unlocking limitations and fears, thus opening to the expansive space of infinite possibility. TB is a collaboration of Shamanic Breathwork and Access Consciousness tools blended by Melanie Leithauser and Daniel Donovan during their work together under Be Free Healing.The tools of the powerful diaphragmatic breathing paired with verbal processing tools, intentFull loud music, and energy release facilitation create a space and container for you to shake it up and out. The power of the Breath allows you the ability to find an altered state of consciousness in a totally natural, non substance induced format. Through prolonged deep breathing you infuse your body and brain with heightened levels of oxygen. The result is a journey in non-ordinary reality through active imagination that takes you out of your thinker/planer/do-er (left brain) into your imaginative/creative (right brain) where possibilities of perception are endless. Processing, art therapy, automatic writing and any snacks you'd like to bring help ground down and allow your experience to develop within is welcome.

Our Pilates Program

Our Pilates Program is heart, soul and pure potential -- the potential to go anywhere in your body, anywhere in your experience, anywhere in your practice. At Body Mind and Core, Pilates is a rich opportunity for you to deepen your movement practice no matter what kind of physical endeavor to which you’re committed. Pilates itself is a way to take all movement to the next level of refinement, strength, and range. Uniform development of the body, the breath and the person was Joseph Pilates’ ultimate goal and one we are dedicated to pursuing and facilitating for you in every class and session. The BMC Pilates Program focuses on helping you dive into the philosophy and foundations of the Pilates method and helping you discover ways to not only develop your practice but take your Pilates awareness into everything you do. Building body awareness is one of the key aspects of the Pilates method and one that we help you magnify through challenging and dynamic alignment and posture, purposeful organization and recruitment of the body in order to access greater levels of strength and openness simultaneously, and vigorous levels of rhythm, flow, pacing, control, and precision.

The value and benefits of a Pilates practice are:


"I'm fifty years ahead of my time," Joseph Pilates once claimed. He was right. No longer the workout of the elite, Pilates has entered the fitness mainstream. The Reformer is by far the most popular equipment, Joseph Pilates invented. The Reformer is a diverse piece of apparatus that is low impact and works every crevice of the body. Your body will transform in ways unimaginable. Our group class is alignment and breath centered and limited to six students. Students new to the reformer apparatus must book a private introductory session prior to joining class. Email to set up your appointment today.

Reformer Jumpboard

Looking for a great cardio workout? Jump while laying down! The Reformer Jump Board class creatively integrates Reformer and exercises such as the Hundred, Footwork, Arm Series, Ab Series and much more, using the jump board attachment. Intelligent jump movements elevates the heart rate for weight loss and muscle building more than most other exercises.

Pilates Mat

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health. Pilates continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of anyone wanting to improve their ability to move with strength, ease and grace. In this mat class, focus is on engaging the mind with the body as we practice exercises that involve the whole body. This class is all levels and perfect for the beginner.

Karma Reformer

This (45) minute practice is available to seasoned practitioners and to teachers only. $10 class proceeds go toward new studio equipment. Classes will vary in exercises and body focus, building on one another week to week. This practice is great to ask questions, explore individual goals, and get to know your community!

Our Dance + Suspension Programs

Booty Barre

Core Barre is a fun, unique, high energy class designed to give you chiseled abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a high, lifted butt. It fuses legendary fitness techniques from Pilates, Dance, Calisthenics and yoga. You will streamline, firm, tighten and tone your entire body without adding bulk.  Creating balance, posture, body awareness, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.  Push yourself to the limit — and then find balance — as every hard worked muscled is followed by a deep, relaxing stretch.


TRX suspension training is a fitness system first developed by a Navy Seal. Using the suspension of two straps, TRX is an effective way to build muscle while combining cardio with strength training. This core powered workout utilizes your own body weight instead of relying on machines or dumbbells. Comparable to a simple version of the pilates reformer and antigravity yoga, TRX offers a total body workout, centered on your core and relying on your body weight. It is is suitable for endurance athletes, power lifters and fitness newbies alike. Expect an infinite number of exercises that helps to improve flexibility, strength and balance. Join celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Drew Brees and Ellen Pompeo in the newest fitness crave! Bring your gym shoes.


Fast. Lean. Fit. Maximize your time and energize your day with this (45) minute body blitz  aimed at giving you the lean, strong physique you want. Enjoy high intensity interval training, HIIT, in a fun circuit format that will include equipment such as TRX, Bosu, Stability Balls, Weights, Glides and much more for the first 30 minutes.Then give your core an authoritative punch with (15) minutes of Power Mat Pilates at the end.You will rev that metabolism, sculpt muscle and strengthen that all-important core!



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