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Beginning your Yoga Practice

Creating a positive experience for every member of the Body Mind & Core community is important to us.

Beginning your Pilates Practice

In order for you to maximize every hour you spend in your Pilates practice it’s important that you build a strong foundation. 
If you’ve had NO to little previous Pilates experience your practice path will look like the following:

Pilates is a practice just like yoga. It’s life long and a lifestyle. We do not want or expect you to invest in private sessions for ever, although this route is certainly appropriate for some individuals and some prefer this path. Our ULTIMATE GOAL is to consistently progress you so that you experience success and fulfillment in OWNING your practice. This means helping you gain the skill and strength to develop your own self-practice that can be done at home with small props or in the studio on the equipment. 

Ways to Explore

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"How Do I Know When I’m ready For In-Studio Self-Practice?"

What is Self-Practice?

Self-practice is where we want to take all of our students. It was Joseph Pilates’ original vision: (30) minutes a day, at home, on your floor, no fancy equipment is all it takes to achieve improved vitality and quality of life. Teaching you the skills needed to truly own your Pilates practice is how we honor that vision.

You can expect that from day 1 we will begin to help you develop tools and strategies for taking your Pilates home with you. In our efforts to support your personal exploration of the exercises we will also guide you toward in-studio practice, which is one of the most powerful opportunities you’ll have at BMC.

In-studio self-practice is a chance for you to use the Pilates equipment in the BMC studio during designated times. You will work on a short program with your teacher that you can follow and we will provide different levels of workouts that you can use depending on your needs. Once you are ready for in-studio self-practice you will either need to have a BMC Membership or acquire a monthly unlimited self-practice package. You will schedule time in the studio during Open Studio Hours just like registering for a class. A maximum of 8 students can use the studio at a time during open studio slots.

When I am ready?

You will be engaging in a home-practice from your very first session, but you know you’re ready for in-studio self-practice when:

Arriving for Class

To prepare for your practice, please:
  • Visit our website to access our current class schedule, read class descriptions, purchase class passes, and sign up for classes and workshops.
  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes early. Sign in at the front desk, even if you’ve made an online reservation. 
  • Please do not wear perfumes and heavy scents.
  • Wear comfortable, form-fitting workout clothing. Layers help to adjust for temperature changes during and after class.
  • Please understand a CC must be on file for all students to ensure teachers, staff, and studio are honored for their time. The card on file will be used for late fees, late cancellations, and for any incidentals or property damage fees that occur. Taking home a studio Manduka mat is a $75 fee.
We understand that sometimes you’re running late, however, the studio or instructor has the right to deny any participants that arrive after the time allotments stated below. Late policies do not apply if a class is full and a waitlist is available.  At the start of the class, spots are given to wait listed members.
  • TRX classes  |  (0) minute late policy
  • Yoga, Pilates Mat, and Group Reformer classes  |  (5) minute late policy

Your Belongings

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Small valuables such as small purses or wallets can be taken into studios.

Cell Phone Practice

Cell phones are not permitted in studio rooms. Please turn cell phones off or to silent upon entering the studio.

Waitlist/Cancellation Policy

Wait list  |  Once a class is full, reservations will close for that class, and you may add your name to the wait list (must be done at the studio).  Spots will be released at the start of class and given to those on the wait list. 
Cancellation  |  As a courtesy to other members, please cancel (24) hours before the start of the class.  This will enable members on the wait list to get a spot in the class. If you would like to cancel or modify a reservation or appointment, click "Cancel." "Late Cancel" appears when the online cancellation period has passed, wherein $20 Late Fee is charged to your account. This option can be used to allow another person to register in that availability. To cancel via phone, please contact our studios and speak to a front desk associate.

Refund Guideline

All workshops, teacher trainings, and retreat deposits are final sale and non-refundable. To receive a Body Mind & Core account credit to be used for future workshops, workshops and series must be cancelled at least (72) hours prior to the event. Teacher training must be cancelled at least (2) weeks prior to the event. TT deposits are non-refundable, and subsequent payments are credited towards future purchases. Series expire after (1) year.


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Studio Events

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