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Uniquely personalized incorporations of Ashtanga, Balanced Body, Anusara, Vinyasa, Pilates Method Alliance, Iyengar, Bikram, and Yin that offer a dynamic evolutionary yoga experience, our teachers are our core. Committed to the celebration and growth of their practices as students and as teachers, Body Mind and Core's team is here to meet you where you are on the mat. 
Natalie Perez-Hayden Natalie Perez-Hayden
Owner | ERYT 200 Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Natalie was clueless about the eminent effect yoga was going to have in her life. Her first experience with yoga was boring, slow and uneventful. Quickly admitting she would never try that again, her words would eventually come back and bite her as Natalie returned to yoga five years later.

Originally from Belize and new to California, a girlfriend invited Natalie to try a hot yoga class in the summer of 2005. Following the pursuit of feeling and looking good, she curiously went along. The effects of this class and the community at Thrive Yoga in Sebastopol, California are responsible for Natalie's love of the practice. In the beginning she primarily focused on the physical traits of yoga; qualities that she now often refers to as "only the side effects." A mother of four, Natalie continues to evolve her practice. And, by calling yoga her "number one go to healer," she has uncovered a focused awareness that guides her journey.

Her classes are core and pelvic floor centered and she is best known for her creative and dynamic Vinyasa sequencing along with her ability to make yoga accessible through the use of props. Natalie's desire to share the gift of wellbeing can also be experienced through her avid practice of Pilates. Completing her Comprehensive Equipment based Teacher Training with Balanced Body located in Sacramento, California. Natalie hopes her yoga students welcome the many benefits of Pilates by incorporating them into their yoga practice. She is quoted comparing Pilates and Yoga to wine and cheese, saying, "they compliment each other well!) She is honored to share the practice with Indianapolis community.

Amanda Beard Amanda Beard
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Amanda came to yoga with a simple curiosity about the ancient postures and contemplative practices after her brother had introduced her to a book about traditional Hatha yoga. This interest led her on a deep inward and outward journey as a yogini. She completed the 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification with Todd Norian in 2005. Her profound desire to know the philosophical aspect of yoga led her to become a Take Five Scholar in Eastern Religions at the University of Rochester in 2002-2003. Amanda brings sweetness to her classes by sharing her love of yoga, healing arts, dance, pranayama, and meditation. She believes that the awareness of the breath is the guide, and that the best parts of yoga are the unplanned moments of grace.

Ashley McGovern Ashley McGovern
Certified Barre Teacher

Ashley McGovern discovered barre in 2016 while she was a student at Purdue University. Immediately, Ashley fell in love with the ballet-inspired workout and became a barre instructor. Ashley taught barre at a local boutique studio for two years in the Lafayette area. As she graduated and moved back to her hometown Westfield, Indiana, she knew she wanted to continue her love for teaching. Ashley recently got certified in a barre method that is new to her known as barre Intensity.

Ashley graduated from Purdue University in December of 2017. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and strategic communication. Ashley is a full-time Public Relations Coordinator for OrthoIndy Hospital.

Ashley has a background in almost all areas of fitness. She is a mini-marathon runner, cyclist, boxer, pilates-guru, lifter, yoga enthusiast and most importantly to her, a barre instructor. She enjoys helping others achieve their fitness goals and pushing them past their point where their muscles ache from the intensity.

Brittney Herman Brittney Herman
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Brittney first practiced yoga in 2008 as way to balance her body between aerobics classes, but instead found a way to balance her mind! Seeking a deeper understanding of yoga and its roots, Brittney studies and applies the rhythm of Ashtanga practice. Creativity and her own personal style come from fun transitions between postures. She is registered RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance. Still an active group exercise instructor, Brittney teaches some high intensity classes, but spends the majority of her time working with new or returning exercisers, active older adults, and adults in chair-based fitness classes. Brittney seeks to establish an environment where students can both challenge their bodies with a powerful vinyasa flow and feel joy and peace in their minds!

Brook Karle Brook Karle
200 RYT Yoga Teacher

Brook’s first big impact by yoga was in DeDe Groves’ power yoga and again in her hot yoga class located in her hometown. Brook was surprised how yoga could make such an impact on her life and had to keep practicing. At first, Brook used yoga as a fun physical workout, but quickly found other benefits as well. She received her certification through Body, Mind and Core. Brook was taught by the amazing Natalie Perez-Hayden in Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. She quickly found a passion for teaching power flow, restorative, and prenatal yoga. Brook has a strong power flow practice, but believes restorative yoga is just as important. In Brook’s power classes you will find beautiful sequences and wonderful adjustments that allow for a stronger practice. Brook’s restorative classes allow her students to find clear minds and deeply relax their bodies. Prenatal classes will consist of a slower flow to allow for easier movement and allow for connection to your baby.

Charlene Perez Charlene Perez
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Charlene discovered yoga in the foothills of the Sonoma coast back in 2009. Originally from the jungles of Belize, she migrated as a teenager who quickly learned how stressful the city life can be. Far away from the natural environment she grew up in, she was determined to gain back her sense of peace. Yoga started out as a means to take the stress off. What she discovered quickly after was that yoga was a means of balancing the subtle energies and clearing of mental and emotional blockages allowing her spirit to become more harmonized with the journey to self awareness. It is through her own transformation of awakening and ability to tap into energy fields that allows her to move with the flow. She stands firm to the belief that a strong power flow can and does break away the many layers of blockages we hold inside of us. The ripping away of old mental thoughts and emotions coincides with the physical determination to take the body further each time is a must for the yogi. Her flows incorporate yoga philosophy and spirituality while sustaining the reverence to a strong practice. Charlene completed her yoga training under guidance of her sister Natalie with Body Mind and Core in 2016 and is ready more than ever to share the gift of yoga.

Danielle Ra'ed Danielle Ra'ed
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Drawn to movement and fluidity Danielle comes from a background of gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading. She stopped cheering when she went to college at the University of Alabama and found a new love in weight training. After three years it was one of her friends from the weight room that brought her to yoga for the first time. Having been a "gumby" in her dance and cheer days, Danielle wasn’t immediately drawn to yoga until she went to a class that made her love how she felt emotionally. She started to feel the greater impact yoga could have on her.

Fast forward 3 years, Danielle realized she wanted to put her psychology degree to use through teaching yoga so she signed up and completed her YTT200hr with Mindi Epstein and Peace Through Yoga. Danielle wanted to help others find freedom from anxiety, depression, or any other daily life troubles through yoga and to feel empowered by movement just as she had. Passionate about flow, strength, inversions, safety through correct form, self healing, and more, you’ll find that Danielle’s classes are a balance between strengthening the mind and body.

Georgia Arnett Georgia Arnett
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Georgia Arnett was introduced to the practice of yoga six years ago. After battling with severe anxiety and depression a friend suggested she give yoga a shot as a way to cope. She started with a simple but effective home practice and within weeks was astounded with the impact yoga was having on her. Needless to say, she hasn’t stopped practicing since. Her personal love for the practice eventually evolved into a need to share this gift of yoga with her family, friends, and community. She has a soft spot for beginners yoga but loves teaching a fiery power class as well! When she’s not teaching you can find her with her nose buried in a book, sifting through racks at thrift shops, or walking her one eyed dog Nanners.

Jay Prouty Jay Prouty
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Jay’s yoga practice began in 2015 while recovering from a sports injury. After a year of daily practice he enrolled in a 200-hour teacher-training program and has been teaching ever since. His passion and authenticity shine through a teaching style that is powerful, enthusiastic, plus soft and encouraging. A former United States Marine, Jay leads by example through dedication, hard work and endless self-inquiry. Focusing on safety, utilizing correct posture and alignment as well as in-depth breathing techniques.

Kenyari Keith Kenyari Keith
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Kenyari Keith calls Indy home. When she teaches, it is all about the student. She says, “I am there to guide and hold space.” In her classes, she will celebrate you showing up for yourself. Her teaching style includes a combination of vinyasa, yin, breath work and guided meditation. She believes that to know yoga, is to truly know oneself. She adheres the yamas and niyamas of yogic tradition. She is inspired by the teaching styles of Natalie Perez-Hayden, Charlene Perez, Yeradmi Gomes and Lauren Ash.

At age 19 in college, she took a yoga class on whim and I fell in love. During her early twenties, she has discovered that maintaining a regular yoga practice leads to physical, mental and professional and spiritual growth. She noticed a lack of yogic practices and principles in her community and that sparked her desire to learn as much as she could about yoga and share it with those around her, particularly through yoga outreach to underserved populations.

Kenyari has a Master of Science in Event Tourism, a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Africana Studies from IUPUI. When she is not teaching or practicing yoga she likes to travel, tend to her plants, read and spend time with my family and friends whom she loves dearly. She also maintains her own wellness blog, writes poetry and hosts workshops through her independent brand.

Michelle Sforza Michelle Sforza
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Michelle discovered yoga in 2014 when she attended her first power flow class. She was searching for a positive outlet from stress and luckily, she found her perfect match with yoga! In February 2015, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training through CorePower Yoga in the Chicagoland area. Michelle wanted to share her positive experience on the mat with others and she felt the best way was through guided practice together. She took a 2-year hiatus from teaching; during that time, she got married, moved to Indiana and adopted a dog, Melon. When life started to settle down, Michelle felt it was time to re-focus on teaching again. She applied to be an instructor at Body Mind and Core: the studio where she had been working on her personal practice for the past year. Now, Michelle mainly focuses mainly on power, vinyasa and hatha style classes. She currently offers Power Flow and Prenatal Yoga and you can catch her subbing other classes as well! When she’s not in the yoga studio, you can find her spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying a nice glass of wine or trying out a new place to eat!

Morgan Skiles Morgan Skiles
Certified Pilates Teacher

Morgan has been practicing Pilates since childhood to improve dance technique. While studying Kinesiology with a focus in Contemporary Dance at Indiana University, she decided to use her knowledge of anatomy and movement to complete a STOTT Pilates Mat certification. In 2017 after teaching pilates for four years, she completed Mat and Reformer through the PHI Pilates program and is currently studying to receive a comprehensive Pilates Method Alliance certification. Morgan also dances with Phoenix Rising Dance Company, teaches ballet at A List Dance Center, and is a cofounder of Crossroads Dance Indy, an Indianapolis-based dance company.

With an affinity towards movement and therapy, Morgan enjoys sharing choreography of all types for her students to help release tension and practice safe alignment. She loves the journey of continual Pilates practice to connect to your best self in everyday life.

Monica Cronin Monica Cronin
Certified TRX & Barre Teacher

A part of the fitness industry for over 17 years, Monica is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She enjoys a successful career working with individuals of every fitness level and age seeking a variety of results including weight loss, post-baby body, injury rehabilitation, increased athletic performance, and maintenance of general physical fitness for overall health. In addition to those mentioned above, she also carries 7 additional certifications. Monica has been married 22 years to her husband Mike. They have two boys, Oscar age 14 and Joseph age 12, and one dog, Lucy. When not training herself, she spends her time cooking, writing, traveling and spending as much time as possible with her family.

Natalie Sapper Natalie Sapper
RYT 200 Yoga Teacher

Natalie fell into yoga while hiking in Squaw Valley, California in 2012. She was immediately drawn to the Prana- the life force positive energy- at the Wanderlust yoga festival and instantly knew she would start her own practice on her return to Indy.

For Natalie, a single Mom to 3 teenage boys, a daily yoga practice was vital to keeping anxiety and stress under control. "Yoga was my life preserver on days when I was barely feeling I could stay afloat. Knowing that once I got to my mat, I felt safe and everything would be okay." Natalie also discovered yoga is truly the fountain of youth. Natalie loves that yoga challenges her emotionally, physically and mentally. With every class she learns something new, feels stronger, sheds another layer and leaves her stress on the mat. Natalie believes that her calling is to share this amazing gift of yoga. Please come to class knowing you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and nurtured.

Natalie completed her Yoga YRT 200 training under the tutelage of her Master trainer and friend Natalie Perez- Hayden in 2016. Natalie’s passion is teaching restorative, prenatal and chill flow yoga classes. Natalie looks forward to completing more training in the future. When not immersed in yoga, Natalie enjoys week-ends hiking, biking and discovering life with her boyfriend and moments with her 3 college aged sons.

Tammy Wiggins Tammy Wiggins
Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher, Pilates Method Alliance(PMA) Certified

"Having always been athletic, I found Pilates the perfect fit when I began doing it years ago. I literally had spent decades beating my body up, that the first time I left a Pilates class, I thought wow, that was hard, yet I feel amazing! Nothing I tried before had ever toned my muscles and increased my flexibility like Pilates." Tammy was comprehensively trained through Balanced Body and is certified by PMA.

Her favorite part about teaching is seeing her students grow in strength and confidence. It only takes a few weeks of a dedicated Pilates practice to really change your body. She teaches in the same style she likes her classes, numerous varied exercises that give a great whole-body workout. Her classes are athletically inspired for those who love a good challenge.

Theresa Rendell Theresa Rendell
Certified Bootybarre Teacher

Theresa Rendell is a certified bootybarre instructor, trained under the instruction and choreography of world-renowned fitness and wellness expert and creator of bootybarre, Tracey Mallet.

Theresa resides in Carmel, Indiana. She is married and has 7 children (including triplets!). She is also a grandma to 2 grandsons who live in Charlotte, NC. Having a large family, teaching bootybarre (and other fitness classes) and also having her own skincare/wellness business keeps Theresa very busy and active.

Theresa’s fitness background includes gymnastics, cheerleading and dance. She started her fitness career in Carmel as a Zumba instructor. Soon after, Theresa became certified in bootybarre. She also holds an instructor certification in The CRT Method. Theresa has been teaching bootybarre for 5 years now and loves the total-body workout it provides. Her classes provide a fun, energetic barre workout that fuses techniques from dance, Pilates and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. Strength, posture, balance and flexibility are all benefits of bootybarre. Instructing proper form and alignment is important to provide a safe and well structured class that meets the needs of all fitness levels... while having FUN! Theresa enjoys giving her students a challenging class and encourages her students to push themselves to meet their own personal goals.

Theresa loves all fitness formats and incorporates them into her daily life. When she’s not teaching classes, she enjoys roller blading, walks and spending time with her family and being a student in other fitness classes including, pole, dance choreography Yoga and Pilates. She also recently performed in her first pole showcase performance!



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