Yoga & Pilates for Athletics

From high school programs to professional athletics; teams, players and coaches are seeing major benefits from Yoga & Pilates. Body Mind & Core owner, Natalie Hayden, has worked with top ranked football programs, basketball programs, Nascar drivers and Heisman Trophy candidates to improve performance and durability. Yoga and Pilates can help athletes in the following ways.

Physical Benefits

Injury Recovery + Prevention

Balances the overused tissues and muscles needed in sports
Targets secondary muscle groups to reduce tissue and joint imbalances 
Directs lactic acid toward the bloodstream for processing
Improves sleep

Health + Energy Conversation

Yoga lowers resting heart rate; increases max heart rate
Lowers blood pressure
Releases tension around joint
This allows for less energy needs in order to perform the same movement

Mental Benefits


Body Mind & Core can provide custom programs at the studio or at your practice facility. Programs are designed for sport specific needs and can be for an individual athlete or team. Contact to get your team or athlete started today!


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